Issue #2
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After the successful launch of our 1st edition this past Summer 2009, dr1guide Santo Domingo is proud to present the second edition of our popular guide focused on where to go and what to do …

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Pat’e Palo – The oldest tavern in the Americas
February 9, 2010 – 7:20 pm | 2 Comments

Pate-Palo-ArticleDuring renovations to open Pat’e Palo in 1998, a stone doorframe was found beneath the building facade with Taíno Indian carvings. Representatives from the National Patrimony confirmed the authenticity of the carvings. It was also confirmed that the building dated back to between 1502-1507 and was most likely used as a tavern and guesthouse for engineers of the Columbus Palace, just across the plaza.

Pat’e Palo or “peg leg” was a name chosen by owner Louis Brocker who has always been fascinated by pirate stories of centuries past. “They had total freedom,” says Brocker. They would come to these taverns after battle and have a hearty meal with a bottle of wine. Good food, never leave hungry and feel satisfied.”

For 11 years now, Pat’e Palo has been focused on just that. The restaurant promotes itself as a Euro- pean Brasserie with a base in French cuisine but Brocker points to influences from countries throughout the union and is quick to mention the restaurant’s head chef Saverio Stassi, who takes yearly trips to work in European Michelin star restaurants in order to bring cutting edge creations back to Santo Domingo. According to Brocker, 90% of the dishes you’ll find at Pat’e Palo cannot be found anywhere else in the capital.

Santo Domingo Dress Code
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Santo Domingo Dress Code

Dress to impress. Always!
Clubbing in Santo Domingo is as much about being seen than anything else. Now, we don’t mean rent a tux and jump into the limo. But know that a pair of …

Art is all around you!
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Art is all around you!

Art, in Santo Domingo, is, literally, all around you. You just have to look for it. Santo Domingo has a burgeoning art and theater scene, so take advantage.

Two Spots after 2 – Santo Domingo afterhours
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Two Spots after 2 – Santo Domingo afterhours

No one wants to be told they have to go home because the bar is closing. Due to current restrictions in the Dominican Republic, most establishments must close at 12am Sun-Thurs and at 2am Fri-Sat. …

Dominican Cigars – Ensuring authenticity
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Dominican Cigars – Ensuring authenticity

The Dominican Republic produces more handmade cigars than any other country in the world with over 500 million rolled yearly. The closest com- petition, Cuba, lags far behind with less than half that number. The …

Santo Domingo Carnival
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Santo Domingo Carnival

It’s a once a year, once in a lifetime event and if you are in Santo Domingo, in February, you are the invited guest. It’s the DR’s biggest street party, with communities throughout the island …